Choose a Certified Mold Sampling Specialist

Choose a Certified Mold Sampling Specialist

Assess mold issues with an expert's mold sampling services in Billings, MT

When you find a mold problem on your property, you need to get to the bottom of it.

Mold Inspection Services, Inc will investigate the mold with excellent mold sampling services in Billings, MT. You can count on owner and mold sampling specialist Jim Pearson when you need mold testing services, whether you're a real estate agent, a home inspector or a resident seeking a healthier home.

When you schedule mold sampling services, Mold Inspection Services will:

  • Perform air sampling
  • Sample mold on surfaces
  • Conduct lab tests on samples
  • Inform you of the results quickly
  • Educate you about any type of mold found

To learn more about high-quality mold sampling services, call 406-860-6911 today.

Schedule mold testing services today

A certified, reputable expert from Mold Inspection Services will visit your property to examine it for any signs of mold. You'll breathe easy knowing that your mold problem has been fully investigated with reliable mold testing services.