Do You Need an Expert Witness?

Do You Need an Expert Witness?

Select Mold Inspection Services for moisture profiling and consulting in Billings, MT

Mold Inspection Services, Inc of Billings, MT has completed hundreds of extensive mold investigations and developed mold removal plans. Jim Pearson, owner and operator of Mold Inspection Services, has overseen mold remediation in hospitals, office buildings, medical clinics, public schools, public libraries and private residences.

He has more than 20 years of experience and thorough education guiding his expert witness consulting. Mr. Pearson is also prepared to provide moisture profiling and moisture intrusion services as you resolve your mold problem.

What should you know about mold?

Mold can cause a wide variety of health issues. Occupants of commercial and residential properties can find their health adversely affected when mold grows in their workspace or home.

Mold Inspection Services provides comprehensive mold-related services, including moisture profiling and moisture intrusion services. As the owner of the company, Mr. Pearson has extensive experience investigating mold issues. He's prepared to use his expertise to assist you in legal proceedings. You can rely on Mold Inspection Services to fully investigate any mold issues.